Understanding International Policy
on HIV and Breastfeeding:
a comprehensive resource

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January 2013 — "Understanding International Policy on HIV and Breastfeeding: a comprehensive resource" is a resource which aims to clarify the confusion which has arisen during the last decade due to changing HIV and infant feeding guidance. The resource is intended for policy-makers, breastfeeding advocates, national breastfeeding committees, public health advocates, women's health activists and others working in the community.

The resource also summarises up-to-date scientific evidence as at the end of 2012. Research emerging between WHO's 2006 and 2010 guidance documents showed conclusively that maternal/infant ARV regimens during pregnancy and breastfeeding greatly reduce vertical transmission of HIV; and that exclusive and continued breastfeeding significantly improves overall HIV-free survival.

A HIV Kit of an overview of infant feeding in the context of HIV. There are six sections, with information, issues to think about and to discuss, actions to take, and contacts for further resources.

SECTION 1 Introduction
SECTION 2 The global HIV pandemic and how it affects women and children
SECTION 3 Interventions to maximise mother and child health and survival
SECTION 4 Counselling HIV-positive mothers about how to feed their babies using current HIV and infant feeding recommendations
SECTION 5 Chronology and evolution of HIV & Infant Feeding policy
SECTION 6 Glossary, definitions and further resources
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA)

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